Monday, December 17, 2007

Labour homies get upset at Major

I see that John Major quite rightly pointing out that the Labour Party has been institutionally sleazy over the past ten years has caused consternation and outrage from people on LabourHome. As you'd expect the fallacy of "double standard" is thrown around whilst at nop point realising that just because someone may have been around when bad things happened they are somehow invalidated from pointing out that bad things happen now.

However, the fact is, when you look at the Labour party over the past ten years you can write a book about all the the corrupt backhanders and dodgy going on that have been endemic of their period in power. Wait a minute, there is a book..... no actually there are two books that catalogue the lies, the sex scandals, and all the things that would have been shameful under Tories but got swept under the carpet since Labour came to power.

Still, it is hilarious to watch the Labour lot burying their heads int he sand and screaming about a few individuals when the integrity of their entire party has been sullied by active illegality.


Anonymous said...

That was the secret of blairs success he managed to keep the lie going that his lot were better than Majors lot even when it was plainly rubbish.
Watching bruun preside over a complete meltdown of nulab is just so damn funny the snot eater will eventually retreat to Scotland and live as a recluse to avoid the pointing and laughing.
Historians will point to his tenure at no10 as a lesson to future politicians of how not to do it.

Alex said...

Great books, and an interesting historical record for posterity, but sadly outr of date already. It probably needs to be updated every six months.

The Ghost in the Machine said...

Spot on, Dizzy.

Kerron Cross' 'headline' to this is "Pot, Kettle, Black, Mr Major?". And, as you say, what is hilarious (and deeply depressing) about this is that he can't even see that he himself is indulging in being the "pot calling the kettle black".

Still I suppose it would be too much to expect anything else than such dysfunctional mental somersaults from this shower.

Anonymous said...

And they think *we're* nasty...

Barnacle Bill said...

I think John Major made a very valid and pertinent point when he said it was as individuals in his governemnt/memebers of the party who were corrupt, not the actual governement it's self.
Whereas with Tony Wot's Name, and now the Fifeshire Feartie, it is institutional corruption/sleaze we are having to put up with.

Anonymous said...

Barnacle Bill said...
Difference as I see it Barny is a few of your lads ended up in clink, correct me if I'm wrong. I also seem to remember your mob didn't take much notice of what good old John said when he was in power.But now the guy is a man to take notice of, I think not.

Alan Douglas said...

Factually, Labour have efficiently NATIONALISED sleaze.

Alan Douglas

Geezer said...

But the delightful BBC and the turncoats in the press, under NuLab's instruction, made sure that every time a Conservative politician so much as farted in public, that the stink reached the headlines on the front pages and the 9 o'clock news, often for days at a time, with Labour frontbenchers reciting the "Sleazy" Conservatives mantra and the fucking irony being that it was often Prescott and Mandelson!
Major's "Macarthy-ite", observation of the treatment of his government yesterday, was very accurate. How many criminal investigations did the Conservatives have? How many senior members of the government, or indeed junior members, were questioned by plod? But there was a hysteria generated by the fans of NuLab. The delusional dim-wits at Labourhome, are actually missing an important point (not for the first time in their lives!) in that, the term "sleaze" was coined by the Labour spinners because it was apt as derogatory term that represented instances of petit wrong-doing, rather than anything serious.
Labour's control of the MSM, have ensured that Joe Public haven't had their senses heightened to Labour sleaze, nearly so much. But up until now, many people see them as just as bad as the Conservatives, Labour have been seen as sleazy for years, by most people I think, but now they are finally starting to realise that they are a lot worse.
Instead of using a petit term, like sleaze, the Conservatives should start talking about Labour CORRUPTION and CRIMINAL behaviour.

The full extent of the deceit and corruption of this government, will only become apparent, years after they are out of office, but in time, the general population will become more aware as books are published and the stories that Murdoch has been keeping back, start to emerge.
Political historians will wonder how the hell they got way with it for so long. Which is of course a combination of two things:
1) Media bias
2) the average voter's wilful ignorance. "If the MSM aren't pushing it down my throat, I don't know about it and won't look a bit harder to find it!"

Anonymous said...

Geezer said... But the delightful BBC and the turncoats in the press, under NuLab's instruction.

When did you stop reading the papers for gods sake ten years ago? They have been hounding this government year in and year out for nearly a decade. Read The Mail do you ? how about The Sun, and The Indy ? bloody Guardians not much better. They're free to read online, have a peek and then come back and tell me Gordon is having an easy ride.

Geezer said...

Comfy cocks and a co-opted nun, or whatever your name is!

The press always love a bit of sleaze for their column inches, but Donorgate fell off the front pages pretty quick, you might of noticed?
They down-play Labour scandal and still tell people to vote for the wankers! (Murdoch Press especially) The DM and DT don't have that much influence. And, as I said, Labour have been viewed as sleazy, for a number of years, anyway, maybe since Mandelson.
If you surf news info from the net, you will certainly be much better informed.
But the de-politicised masses, (floating vote) rarely read a decent newspaper and much less look for news info on the internet. At most, they watch Broadcast news, mainly the influence of the British Bullshit Corporation, has been instrumental in feeding negative sound-bites about the Conservatives and ignoring/down-playing Labour sleaze and domestic policy fuck-ups.
Overall, the Labour sleaze message is definitely getting through to people, but it has taken much longer than it could of, had the MSM pursued the same "anti-sleaze" crusade that they did in the mid-nineties.
Labour have not been immune from criticism, but they have been able to control it, to a much greater extent than the Conservatives ever did.

Anonymous said...

Geezer said...

Comfy cocks and a co-opted nun, or whatever your name is!

Making fun of a fellows name is bad form . I will not respond to such childish antics. Well perhaps just this once then,booooooooo to you.