Sunday, December 16, 2007

It was Kylie wot won it

Anyone who watched the X Factor final last night may very well be as confused as Iain about why Leon and not Rhydian won. If you can't stand these TV talent show then you're free to not read on, but if you don't you'll miss the answer to why it happened that seemingly a lesser singer won the show. The answer you see is very simple indeed and can be summed up in one word....... Kylie.

The moment that Leon's duet with Kylie had finished was the moment that he won the X Factor because it was the seminal performance of the night. It doesn't matter whether the singing was great or not. It was a moment that had... well it had this little thing called the 'X Factor'. It was the song that anyone wanting to vote would be remembering. In fact, at the very moment that the song ended, I rushed over to my laptop and put as much money as I could on Leon who was trading at 13/1 as the rank outsider because I knew at that moment that he'd won.

Simon Cowell often makes the point to contestants on these shows that even if they have sung well if the song is forgettable it makes them vulnerable. Add on top that if you're the favourite then people will not vote for you because they think you're safe anyway and you can find yourself in a problem as Rhydian did last night. Rhyidan's first song was forgettable. In his duet he was out-powered by Katherine Jenkins, and whilst his last performance was brilliant the damage had already been done.

If it helps think about it like politics and elections. First of all you have the floating voter that reacts to the campaign. Second you you have the problem of not getting your own vote out because they don't think it's necessary to vote in order for the party they support to win Rhydian lost the campaign because he didn't have the "Kylie moment" and his vote didn't turn out because, frankly, they all knew he even if he didn't win he was sorted anyway.

Basically, "it was Kylie wot won it!" and watching it back for a second time just now makes me even more sure of that. The performance was brilliant, natural and didn't feel like something from a talent show final. It could have easily been a Royal Variety performance it was that well done.


Trubes said...

Totally agree with you Dizzy. My heart sank when Kylie appeared, ( although I love her), she raised the game beyond the point of no return for poor Rhydian. C├Ęst la vie !

Nevermind, Everton beating The Hammers twice in one week must have broken Iain Dale`s little heart, Tee hee.
We saw them at Goodison last week when Yakubo scored his Hat Trick, terrific second half, brilliant. Met him after the Match too, we had an invitation to the Christmas lunch and seats in the directors Box.... Fabulous !
Not showing off BTW, just "sharing" ! The best day out for a long time.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the series as a whole it's extraordinary that Leon took it. But he has come on leaps and bounds in the last three weeks and has started to show some potential for the record company to work with. The Kylie performance was the pinnacle of that - nice timing!

However, Leon still appears eye-gougingly dull when he's not singing, but stardom might just be the fix for that.

I suspect this is a good result for both Leon and Rhydian - who, as runner up, will have the flexibility to make some important decisions about his future directions. Despite Leon winning, Rhydian remains the outstanding performer from the X-Factor, and I was just delighted to see him come all the way through and showcase his talent.

As a final thought, if the reaction from my kids every time Same Difference made an appearance is anything to go by they have great things ahead of them.

Nich Starling said...

I thought it interesting that after Leon's final song they:
1)Displayed his phone number
2)Showed a video about him and his family
3)Showed his number
4) Had an ad break with no reference to Rhydian's number before the break.

After the 5 minute break when people were voting for Leon (remember Rhydian's number was not shown before the break)

Rhydian sang his final song.
1) They showed his phone number
2) Showed his video of friends, etc.
3) Closed the lines phone lines.

Notice the difference ? It appears that leon's fans got more reminders and much more time to vote than Rhydians.

Anonymous said...

And you mugs thought this was supposed to be a FAIR competition? If you did, you're a moron. There was obviously more money in it for the promoters if Leon won.

Ben Elton's book "Chart Throb" is supposed to be a comic take on X Factor, but it is more like an expose.

Anonymous said...

Kylie is just incredible. That Leon guy is not bad, but Kylie blew me away - she has SUCH charisma. She sings well, she looks great, and she seems like such a nice, classy lass - Kylie is a princess.

Anonymous said...

Yeah totally agree! I heard that Leon was going to do that song (and that particular version of it) with Kylie 3 weeks ago and, despite not thinking much of Leon at all, really wanted him in the final just to see the performance. It was 100% the right duet for him, both in terms of Kylie's fame, personality, and the style fo song. And the performance on the night was fantastic. In the Xtra Factor Sharon was gushing about it being the highlight and it certainly won him a lot of votes.

I agree that Rhydian's career is probably not in pop music anyway, and whatever future he is detined for (eg Lloyd Webber) will come his way now anyway.

That said, I have wondered through the whole series whether Rhydian shines simply because a classically trained voice will always sounds superior to a pop voice, and how would he fare compared to his peers. Singing alongside Kathrine Jenkins showed that, actually, his vocal is nowhere near as strong as those at the top of the mountain that he looks set to climb.

Anonymous said...

Alternatively, you could argue that, whilst Leon has the adorability factor working heavily in his favour, Rhydian is struggling against an image of being an irritating prick who takes himself way too seriously (and bleaches his ginga hair).

Anonymous said...

Of course, it remains to be seen whether, Rhydian the 'novelty singing vampire virgin' will have any longevity.

Rhydian should never have been put through to the finals....he should be in opera. Where he and his monsta ego belong.

People don't LIKE Rhydian...his own fault. Rhydian isn't a great classical singer. He should be better than he is after 6 years' of training.

Rhydian lost because he isn't as appealing. The boy who won....has far more scope for development. And has a far more natural talent. He needs to learn to sing properly, but I'd rather have him on my radio that the aurally dull Rhydian.