Friday, December 14, 2007

Introducing the B Team

On Wednesday David Cameron asked at PMQs, "Why does the Prime Minister think that Tony Blair has described his Cabinet as the B team?" This was after Peter Obourne noted that Blair had referred to Brown and his inner circle in such terms at a private function. Thanks to an emailer here's what they look like.


Anonymous said...

I normally have the greatest respect for Peter Obourn but his comments on Brown do not stack up.

Considering Browns performance in the last three months coupled with the incompetents he selected as a cabinet,such action dispel any thoughts of interlectual capacity/capability.

As someone elsewhere described him " An overgrown student who has never grown up".
Blair and Campbell rightly identified him
as "disfunctional" some considerable time back

Anonymous said...

That's why we persuaded Tony to go, we stopped liking him. Did you see him in the Bush Christmas video ? The guy has aged almost beyond recognition, he like many before him now have time to dwell on what they did, and at night the demons come. The demons bit is from a Clint Eastwood movie, always try to get it into a post if possible. I thought you may be interested in a bit of gossip I heard in the pub last night, someone referred to Cameroon and his motley crew as the C team, hope you will be able to use it.

The Half-Blood Welshman said...

Actually, they look OK like that - much more interesting than the old suit and tie job.

MAybe Gordon should try posing his cabinet in similar style for an election poster...

Anonymous said...

Nearly right! What he meant to say was the B awful team.