Friday, December 14, 2007

The Independent really is a joke

Back in summer, the editor of the Independent Simon Kelner dedicated a number of pages to rebut Tony Blairs comment about his newspaper being a viewspaper. Simon Kelner got a little upset you see that someone would question the quality of his "quality" paper.

If you ever wanted to see a good example of the pathetic copy that passes for "news" in the Independent then just read this. It's not labelled a commentary piece, it's not labelled an opinion piece, it sits within the "news" section of the paper online and in print.

It doesn't matter whether you agree or disagree with the actually words written. The point is is that Simon Kelner is up his own behind if he honestly believes that that report constitutes news reporting.


Alex said...

It's news, pretty poor news, of 2 politicians demeaning elected office, but still it's news as reported on BBC Radio this morning.

Anonymous said...

There was a place in the market for The Independent years back when Andreas Whittam-Smith was involved, and it wasn't a bad paper.

It's long since descended into a tat-rag.

How seriously can you take a broadsheet which has "50 Reasons to Love the EU" occupying the whole front page? Taking a pro-EU stance is one thing, that sort of drivel is quite another. Not news, not really even comment, just tosh.

Anonymous said...

I was drawn in at launch but decamped to the telegraph along with the alex cartoon which after martin johnson on cricket and bridget jones' diary had swiftly become the only reasons to buy it...
probably now only partially fit for wrapping fish n chips