Sunday, December 23, 2007

Heresy is here again!

As you'd expect this morning, most of the papers seem to be very excited about Blair's conversion to papal heresy*. Did I just say heresy? Damn that Freud and his slips. Seriously though, I guess that Blair's much anticipated conversion to Catholicism is a story of sorts. The important part is that he didn't actually do it whilst in Downing Street and create a constitutional crisis - not that he didn't create constitutional crises elsewhere in his ten years in power.

According to this morning's Sunday Telegraph, Roman Catholics have overtaken Anglicans in the UK as the most common Christian denomination as well. The Church of England is starting to look like it could become a minority faith compared to the popularity of the Vatican. Time to get the matches out and kindling ready then? It is winter after all, and it's got a bit chilly, so remember, "cold is God's way of telling us to burn more catholics!" NO need for an energy crisis anymore!
* all my Catholic friends are heretics. It's a joke before you get all exicted.


Anonymous said...

At least he cant be our head of state we have a law banning catholics...oh hang on EU prez oh shit!!!can we leave now before this nightmare happens.

Barnacle Bill said...

Tony Wot's Name only does things where there is personal advantage.
Now what posts are only open to a Catholic?

Anonymous said...

The Vicar of Bray, methinks

Anonymous said...

B’Liar to be burned at the stake? Nah, sounds too continental for me. I still prefer the proper traditional hung, drawn and quartered.

Anonymous said...

But why is it news?
Why was it told to everyone?