Monday, December 17, 2007

Company that lost hard drive also hold trainee teacher data

Am on the bus on my phone so cannot link, but the company that lost the hard drive in Iowa is Pearson. Some of you might remember I wrote about them last week. They are the same company that the Teacher Development Agency transfer trainee teacher data to every single day. Including addresses, date of birth, and what disabilities someone might have. So much for US Safe Harbor companies huh?

Might Ed Balls be coming to the House next? Look through the archives for the last few weeks and you will find all the details. Never let it be said that Dizzy didn't tell you so.

Update: Here is the post from last week.


Barnacle Bill said...

Dizzy is this information protected over in the USA by our Data Protection Acts, or can the spooks over there access it with-out going to court?
As I believe T-Mobile would not agree to opening it's American network up to the spooks because Eurpoean roamers could have their personal details revealed if T-Mobile participated.
Thus opening it's self open to charges over here in European courts.

Barnacle Bill said...

Is this information protected by our Data protection Acts over in the States, or can their spooks access it with-out HMG's say so?

Anonymous said...

Dear Barnacle Bill,

ANY information that ever touches US soil, cable or server is accessible to US spooks - surely you don't really think they would take any notice whatsoever of Europe-land Data Protection?

Even S.W.I.F.T., the banks' international data network, had to give up their data to Uncle Sam; see and

With GCHQ no doubt working closely with the NSA, the only place where your data is safe is on a piece of hardware not connected to the Internet, or possibly encrypted with serious, strong cryptography supplied from an open source provider ( is a good place to start).