Sunday, December 23, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: Footballer has sex

What an utterly pathetic piece of journalism there is in the News of the World today. "England ace in sex roast shame" it says - think of a spit roast to understand what they're talking about. The thing is it's the language of the piece that is most laughable, it says
ENGLAND ace Micah Richards has been caught ‘roasting' a young girl fan in a sick sex video passed to the News of the World..... Richards is today exposed as a vile animal captured on video "roasting" a teenage fan in a toilet with a pal..... The film of Richards' roasting—a sick act which involves one man having sex with a woman from behind while she gives a second oral sex—was passed on to friends' mobiles by the swaggering pair.
Simple question. Was it consensual sex? Sure, there is the possible charge of voyeurism if the girl didn't consent to being videoed (assuming she was shown and is identifiable) and it would also have to be shown that the video was taken for later sexual gratification.

However the real question about whether this make him an "animal" and "vile" is if it wasn't consensual. If it was consensual, then frankly, who cares? The supposed "sick act" of spit roasting is something that occurs in almost every hardcore porn film going, and the fact that the hardcore porn industry is a multi-billion dollar one suggests that such "sick" acts are probably quite popular.


DC said...

My guess is that 99% of the male readership of the News of the World are thinking "Lucky Bastard"

JuliaM said...

" would also have to be shown that the video was taken for later sexual gratification." opposed to what?!

dizzy said...

us - well quite!

juliam - general male bravado?

Barnacle Bill said...

I'm surprised there has not been a bigger backlash against Manchester United, and it's footballers.
If this had been a load of politicians, or business leaders, behaving in this matter. There would have been calls for resignations/sackings.
Instead I agree with us's comment, and probably 90% of the female NoW readers are green with envy!

Anonymous said...

If he's breaking any laws, let the police deal with it. Otherwise I couldn't care less!

Anonymous said...

barnacle bill - you are a dangerous little male fantasist.

Ninety per cent of NoW female readers will be repulsed, unless you are fantasising that they are all slags? To say that women are "green with envy" of a slut who was willingly abused by men who didn't even know her name is a dangerous fantasy. Most women will have been revolted by this episode. You are the kind of man that women loathe, who think that whatever a woman wears, even a business suit, she's "asking for it".

I can say with absolute confidence that this has never turned out to be true in your case.

The girl involved in this episode seems to be quite pleased to have been treated like a free prostitute, and doubtless turned up for the "party" in a thong and low cut braless top hoping to catch any of their eyes. Doubtless the boys on her sink estate will be watching her with opportunistic interest and she will feel like a star.

I cannot believe how degraded Britain has become.

But it isn't a matter for the police.

Old BE said...

Can one download the video somewhere?

Anonymous said...

Think about what those MPs get up to...they make footballers look very tame indeed...


Caroline Hunt said...

Verity is rather tedious isn't she? Girl enjoys sex and she must be a brainless retard in her opinion.

Cox says said...

"The supposed "sick act" of spit roasting is something that occurs in almost every hardcore porn film going"

Dizzy - was this conclusion reached after extensive research?

Seriously, though, if she consented who gives a toss?

Mrs Smallprint said...

What on earth were you doing looking for journalism in the News of the World?

Anonymous said...

verity: is it because he's black you are so outraged?

Do do know that (shock horror) folk in the States have been known to have group sex? And film it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Moron - Is it because who's black? I know nothing about soccer players, but if one of the players/roasters was black, why would that make any difference? I am missing the point here.

This girl, drunk, allowed six men to have sex on her and proudly staggered out saying they'd said she was a great shag. A nit by the name of Barnacle Bill on this blog fantasised that female News of The World readers would be "green with envy" and wish this degrading and inhuman performance had been perpetrated on them.

Men like this, who think women enjoy being degraded, are dangerous in all kinds of ways.

I don't care about the girl, who, on her return home, will be giving out the same to groups of boys on her council estate either by persuasion or force, and I don't care about the football players. Men are sexual opportunists and anyone who goes to a hotel room full of them dressed in a thong, a miniskirt and a low cut top (the girl, that is; not the football players) is aware of this.

ButI worry about Barnacle Bill fantasising that tens of thousands of other women wished they too could be so degraded.

BTW, little Anonymous, I have no idea why you refer to the States and "shock horror". Why would I care about group sex in the US? Where the hell did this come from and j'accuse! You are Barnacle Bill!

As to the girl herself, and the players, chacun a son gout.

Machiavelli's Understudy said...

'Sick'? I think pretending a roasting is 'sick' just ever-so-slightly trivialises things like rape, which is 'sick'.

There seem to be lots of people who do not understand that this is relatively normal activity for lots of normal people. It reminds me of the lack of a Victorian era law prohibiting lesbian activity in the same way it did gay activity, on the basis that some people just could not believe that such things could happen. Women are so dainty, don't you see?

Funnily enough, India Knight has a banal article in a similar vein- totally patronising and utterly detached from the real world. I'd list everything that's wrong with her fatuous comments, but I just can't be bothered.

Depraved? No- Just people minding their own business and enjoying it.

Machiavelli's Understudy said...

and doubtless turned up for the "party" in a thong

See... That's entirely normal. What's wrong with a thong?

Any woman with an appreciation of fashion faux pas would not turn up to a party with underwear noticeable beneath their outer clothing- the infamous 'VPL', in other words.

Anonymous said...

A girl so undervalues herself that she is willing to have sex in a public lavatory with strangers, and then boasts about it? (The number of men involved is beside the point).

And grown men are happy to take advantage of such a sad and foolish creature, and we shouldn't care, or we should find it amusing?

Anonymous said...

Barnacle Bill and apparently MU think female degradation is just one more fun element of life.

However, Judith, the girl didn't have sex. The men did. No female sex organs were involved. She was a servant of six men's physical and ego gratification.

Again, that was her choice and no doubt she regards it as a badge of honour. Who cares? What is of concern is that Barnacle Bill, and for sure other men out there, think other women were envious of this degraded girl. Barnacle Bill wrote that he was sure 90% of female readers of the New of The World were "green with envy". The amount of hatred and fear of women illustrated by Barnacle Bill's lascivious assumption is shocking.

Meanwhile, Harriet Harman can take heart. With girls like that around, paid prostitution will soon be a thing of the past.

lilith said...

Micah Richards is hot. Sex in a toilet is not. That's one to tell their grandchildren.

JuliaM said...

"Verity is rather tedious isn't she? Girl enjoys sex and she must be a brainless retard in her opinion."

I don't see anywhere in that article that she claimed to enjoy sex. She certainly seemed to enjoy notoriety. But they aren't the same thing, dear.

Have a grown up explain it to you...