Saturday, December 01, 2007

Blogging will be light....

I have a killer of a hangover.....


Tapestry said...

Just take a quick look at a picture of Harriet Harman, and then throw up the contents of your stomach.

At least make use of these Labour politicians for something useful Dizzy.

Trubes said...

Hope you`re feeling better soon Dizzy.
Hangover cure .... Coca Cola, for the caffeine content(lots), Bananas, (potassium) and paracetamol. My "girls" recommend it, highly !

P.S. We`ve got invi`s for the Everton-Fulham game next Sat. complete with hospitality and seats in the Directors Box, Hope that doesn`t make you feel sick again , Dizzy, tee hee !
Don`t mean to boast, but we`re thrilled to bits.
P.S. I look at your Blog every day and find it "Spot On".I`m quite involved with the Conservatives in Liverpool, granted, an uphill struggle, but it`s pleasantly surprising to learn how opinions are changing in favour of the Conservatives in Liverpool!
Chris Grayling has been doing a terrific job here, amongst others !

Get Well Soon !

Anonymous said...

Me too. I think I had one wine gum too many.

Theo Spark said...

You are not the only one

Anonymous said...

Should have made that last lager top into a full-blown shandy, Dizzy.

And what's with not being able to pimp my blog, eh? I demand the link in my name.

Anonymous said...


cannot be as big as the one Tone and Cherie must be having every morning this week as they celebrate more good news about the annoying bastard they used to live next door to

Anonymous said...

Sehr geEhrter Dizzy (Und Theo)

I hope that you are now recovered ... and there was me (errr ... "I") hoping that you (und Theo) would learn from the deplorable Senior Eagle's example rather than following it

Alles gute

G Eagle