Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Read this and wonder.....

This link is to a document the Government released in Septemebr 2006 called "Information sharing vision statement". It outlines the Government's stated aim of sharing your data across Whitehall and opening up numerous security holes in the process. Not only that they want to share the data down from Whitehall to local authroity level as well. It also contains a section on "Exploring greater infromation sharing with the private sector".

It was a bad idea then but few politicians made comment on it. Will any of them say anything now?


Anonymous said...

A document that states as key benefits for sharing as

3 Reducing crime and increasing individual safety and security.... like giving out all our children's names and addresses for any pervert to select from

4 Reducing fraud.... by publicising bank and personal details for 40% of the population

5 Reducing the burden on business... like getting the banks to put in place additional protections to try an catch the impact of government error, and to pay their customers compensation

This is one of the most crass documents I have ever read, written by people with no exposure to the real work and less understanding of IT than the average five year old.

Anonymous said...

Who tf is Baroness Upholland? Is she a 23 y o junior civil servant? Where's the plan?