Saturday, November 24, 2007

The not so lucky button?

Are you one of the 1% of Google users that press "I'm Feeling Lucky" instead of viewing all search results? If you, it's been estimated that you are helping Google to lose about $110 million of revenue each year because you're not being delivered the sponsored links and ads in the search result.

Should you be an anti-capitalist socialist who hates large corporations and how they don't share the wealth with the proletariat you now have a way to "stick it to the man". Obviously you need to be careful what you search for or you might end up at a porn site automatically.


Anonymous said...

Just because I don't shop at Tescos on the principle that they are large, doesn't make me "anti-capitalist socialist". Arn't small independent shops/grocers etc worthy enough for you Dizzy?

Theo Spark said...

Sod Google they don't like me anyway!