Thursday, November 29, 2007

MoD slammed by Select Committee

The Ministry of Defence has been slammed today in a report from Select Committee on Public Accounts that looks at it's management of the Defence estate. The report concluded that over 40% of family accomodation and more than half of single living accomodation is substandard.

The report criticised the department's ability to understand its own requirement saying it "has no effective way of knowing where funding is needed most." At the same time it appears that in 2006-07 the department cancelled maintenance work to its estate to the value of £13.5 million because of budget cuts, but then proceeded to resurface tennis courts and create sport pitches.

Priorities huh?


Anonymous said...

Its (genetive case) takes no apostrophe.

It's uses its apostrophe to demonstrate it's an abbreviation of 'it is'.

Sorry - live in a family of writers and editors!

Keep up the good work.

dizzy said...

No need for a grammar lesson, I do actually know. I just don;t proof read and type fast.

kinglear said...

I have a cousin who is in charge of TA estate North of the Highland Line. When he was appointed, there had been no schedule of works required for more than 5 years, and he immediately undertook to have this done. As can be imagined the list was litteraly endless - but none was undertaken. However, one new barracks was built - which complied to the last screw with the elfnsafety requirements - for disabled people. Don't think the army or TA take a lot of those. It's probably illegal not to, though