Monday, November 26, 2007

Lib Dem leadership race: Free of coverage and errrr... free?

The Lib Dem leadership is hotting up to the finish right now as everyone knows. Ok, I'm lying, it's not hotting up at all and no one really cares either way, however, something that I've been getting confused by is how the two candidates are paying for their campaigns, or more correctly who is giving them financial backing.

Last time round in 2006, Chris Huhne managed to raise nearly £30,000 in donations for his bid. Now I guess it's possible he might have some of that leftover, but it surprises me that there are no entries at the Electoral Commission or on the Register of Members' Interests for donations to him.

The same is true of Nick Clegg. He officially launched his campaign on October 19th so you'd think that by November 26th there might be something on the register or with the Commission, but there's nothing, zip, diddly-squat.

Could it be that both men are fighting for the leadership using their own wallets? Doesn't say a lot for the faith of their endorsements if none are chucking a few quid there way to fight the good fight does it? Or perhaps they've just been so busy that both of them haven't filled the forms in yet?

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