Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Is Charlie Whelan on crack?

From this morning's Daily Telegraph.
"This was no Black Wednesday, after which millions of people really suffered as a result of Tory economic incompetence. In the current volatile political climate, the polls will go up and down regularly, but, when people go to put their cross on the ballot paper, what was essentially a Westminster story will not matter a jot. Not for the first time, the Westminster village will be seen to be completely out of touch with reality."
Whatever he is smoking I want some. There is absolutely no way this is a 'Westminster Village' affair. This is a catastrophic failure of security with people's personal data on a historic scale.

It has far reaching implications for the integrity of information security across the entire Government IT infrastructure and has shattered any confidence that people can have that the Government can protect their data. We need a full scale review of any system that contains public data, at central and local level.
Hat Tip: Coffee House


Anonymous said...

Compare & contrast Die Hard 4.0!


Alex said...

I would like to know in what way "millions of people suffered as a result of Tory incompetence". For a few days, Lamont paid over the odds on short term interest to try to keep the pound within the EMS limits. Then he pulled out of the EMS, the value of the pound dropped a few percent against the euro, which it made up a few weeks later.

As I recall this was followed by a period of declining interest rates, low inflation, relative prosperity and Labour lies about Black Wednesday.

dizzy said...

Hah. Watched it on Saturday and said the same thing this morning.

Ralph said...


Sion Simon's 'all Governments make mistakes' argument makes Whelan look reasonable.

kinglear said...

The best thing that ever happened in economic terms to the UK was Black QWednesday. It's what has given this crew of compete incompetensts all the money they have squandered.

Anonymous said...

If he wants to talk about Black Wednesday I have two words for that tit.

Northern Rock.

What an ass.