Thursday, November 22, 2007

Didn't they do well!

Capita have always found themselves facing lots of stick for all the Government IT projects they have done. Private Eye like to call them Crapita. Then they had problems when their former boss Rod Aldridge quit during the so-called "loans for peerages" affair he said made spurious claims about him and his donations to the Labour Party.

The thing is, Capita must have done something right surely? If they hadn't why would the Department of Education and Skills have paid them £405,522,084 from 2004 to 2006 for their work? Must have been worth it surely?


Anonymous said...

Well with the many Capita consultants working within Govt departments it's hardly surprising is it?

Remember the shambles that was the ILA Programme? Synopsis here and look, concerns over security, hmmm.

So any subsequent contracts couldn't be awarded on merit, could they?

Nich Starling said...

The goverenment also paid Capita to do NOF (National Opportunities Fund) training to teachers to bring us all up to a basic level of competency in ICT. It was utter, utter crap.

Tamburlaine the Great said...

Perfect, unbeatable use of irony. But now virtually the whole large-scale private sector is sucking at the government teat on a one-way bet basis. We need a new Chancellor. Let me suggest Denis Healey. Even at 90 he couldn't be worse than the ones we have now. And if he brings his 1970s tax rates with him, so much the better. Everybody earning over £200k is on a scam, and we wouldn't miss any of them.