Sunday, November 18, 2007

Chimes of Totalitarianism II

It did make me chuckle when I read Iain's post that linked to this conspiracy loon who is also historically illiterate. It wasn't the rantings and raving of the nutter that I found amusing as such. It was more the fact the blogger in question claims to be against fascism and totalitarianism and yet uses a picture Che Guevara in his profile.

His blog is called "Chimes of Freedom II" and yet he has the image of a totalitarian murderer who supported the Soviet Union a state that killed over 40 million of its own people. What is it with extreme Trotskyite types that makes them apparently "hate" fascism, and yet then actively ignore the most vicious totalitarians in history?


Anonymous said...

This sad tosspot is in love with an aura created by a photo op. Che was a meglomaniac. A nasty ideologogical despot. He could butcher prisoners and civilians with great verve.

Tried his luck in Congo in 1966 aiming to aid the Chinese/Soviet backed rebels against 5 Commando in Lake Albert area. Didn't have much enthusiasm for the fight when he met opposition. In fact he was a complete flop and left with his tail between his legs.

Freedom fighter my bloody arse.

A tosspot like his T shirt followers would run at the first whiff of cordite.

Richard Havers said...

Oh no, he's also got a 'Free Scotland' banner at the top of his blog. He's probably one of the loons who regularly posts on the Scotsman blog about how Scotland is moments away from freeing itself from the oppressive English yoke.

Buenaventura Durruti said...

probably the same wilful blindness or expediency that causes supposed adovacates of democracy to cosy up to vicious dictators: whether considering the value of Hitler as a bulwark against bolshevism in the early 30s to convincing themselves that Musharraf believed in a return to democracy (until he revealed the truth - he only believes in it if he's guaranteed to win).

Having said that there's dictators and Dictators and the crime of supporting (or denying the crimes of) the real bastards (ie victims in millions) is much worse than cosying up to the wannabes, whether that support comes from left or right.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure he isn't a wind-up merchant? His writing is suspiciously reminiscent of Dave Spart.