Saturday, November 24, 2007

330,000 security holes on child database

This morning's Times is reporting a further loss of six CDs containing conversations between a tax credit claimant and HMRC. The CDs, like the much more serious loss of data records, were lost in the internal TNT mail system. It's starting to sound like that internal mail system is another weak point in what is fast becoming clear systematic problems doesn't it?

More amusing for me in the Times story is the fact that Ed Balls ordered an immediate security review into ContactPoint, the child database where the Government will be able to monitor all children. What will be on ContactPoint? Nothing major really, just the name, address, gender, and date of birth of every child in the country. Plus all the same details for their parents, as well as who their doctor is and what school they go too.

It's OK though, it's only got 330,000 users so the chance of your children's personal data leaking to unauthorised people is next to zero!


Anonymous said...

How much would a copy of that database be worth to a paedophile ring? and what are the chances of there being one in the 300,000 people with a password?
Answers on a postcard to your MP.
just a thought on the cd loss could it be some employee looking at redundancy and wanting to take some top boys down with him?

Deadbeat Dad said...

Re Contactpoint (and anything else touching on children, parenting and civil liberties in Britain today), I would recommend everybody to follow the excellent ARCH Blog.

The latest post there is particularly pertinent.