Tuesday, October 30, 2007

You never have a camera when you want one

It is typical that I should get a flashy new camera-less mobile phone that allows me to blog easily and then see something that would make a perfect picture for the blog. As such I shall simply describe that which tickled me greatly when I arrived at North Greenwich station this evening, a place that also happens to be the home of the Dome/O2 arena.

In the main concourse of the station hangs advertising for the O2 reminding you where you are. It's huge in fact, and the place is always full of people arriving for events. There is also a WH Smith with an Evening Standard board outside. Tonight's screaming headline? 'O2 ARENA POISION GAS ALERT'. Just what you need as you head into the giant white tent huh?


flashgordonnz said...

First that tell us that CO2 is killing us, how they say O2 is a posion.
I think I might just have a drink, but I fear it may be contaminated by dihydrogen monoxide.

Mountjoy said...

Who writes these billboards? They appear then disappear, and no one ever sees the story again.