Monday, October 22, 2007

Screw Over Your Employer Day

Apparently on Wednesday it's "European 'Elf n Safety Day". The TUC has decided to get in on the act and announced that to coincide with it they will have National Inspection Day when all their safety shop stewards are to stop working (but presumably still be paid) and go around inspecting their work place. They've even produced a nifty handbook for it with some amusing yes/no questions for the inspections, including,
"Violence" section - "Do interview rooms allow easy escape whilst giving privacy to clients?" (WTF?)
"Ventilation" section - "Is there a supply of fresh air without draughts?" (don't open windows?)
"Do risk assessments include stress?" (how can you assess the risk of stress which is an entirely subjective thing?)
"Is the weight of loads known and clearly marked, and are they small and light enough?" (this one could be yes and no couldn't it?)
"Are windows clean on both sides and free of obstructions?" (are they saying they need to be left unlocked?)
I do hope that the TGWU reps find that the TGWU offices are left wanting. And let's hope the Health and Safety Executive is found - yet again - to be a rogue employer!

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Windsor Tripehound said...

"Is the Oxometer powerful enough to cope with the volume of bullshit we're generating?"