Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Rubbish tax pilots go ahead

Well just look at that! Apparently rubbish charge pilots are going ahead. Less than a week after it was reported that Gordon Brown had 'bravely' intervened to stop it happening and it's... errr... happening. I did say it was a 360 degree spin at the time mind.

Eric Pickles told the BBC that "[t]his is a policy, remember, which was on the cards last week, then stopped by the prime minister at the end of the week, now back on again." It was never off though as the Government made clear on the same day it was supposedly vetoed by Brown.


Sackerson said...

I thought the rubbish tax pilot was "Biggles" Brown.

Barnacle Bill said...

More likely Bottler Brown!
But here they go again trying to tax us again on something we already pay taxes for.
Like the proposed road charging, where NuLabor conveniently forget about all the taxes I already pay for the privilege of motoring.
It is ten years of NuLabor inefficiently spending our taxes that has led to the chaos of our transport infrastructure.
Now because they have made such a cock up of waste management, they want to tax us!

Anonymous said...

I shall be finding out the adress of my local councilor and fly tipping on his lawn. tax that asshole.

flashgordonnz said...

Poor BB: the year after implementing road charging, they'll want more tax "for investment in roading infrastructure in Britain" so will bring in an extra penny of tax.
Of course, that will disappear into the consolidated fund, because the spinned-up extra investment it's supposed to cover is actually just a reannouncement of the extra sepending from the previous year's implementation of road charges.
Then the following year, roading user charges will go up for...