Thursday, October 25, 2007

Our Bobby Chatroom?

Oh dear I'm such a reactionary old cynic this morning. Have just learned about a new initiative by the Welsh Police Constabulary called Our Bobby which has a chat room facility to let people talk directly to their local bobbies.

I'm sure it's well intentioned but all I could think was "so it is now official policy to have local police officers sitting on their arses at a keyboard discussing crime in a virtual space with Hot_Lips44 and Froggy"?

The archive chat is very amusing though, mostly just bland statements about how crime is actually down in response to people saying "why don't you do something about X". Wonder what the budget for the whole thing was?


Fidothedog said...

How satisfying that in the event of seeing a crime you can e-mail a member of the plod on your phone etc, unless your being mugged of course in which case the mugger can always turn himself in via e-mail....

Anonymous said...


What is a Welsh Police Constabulary when it's at home.
Is it like a Englandshire Police or maybe Scotlandland Sherrif Department Or possibly the United States Police Department.
Or would it be maybe just one of the four Forces covering Wales?
We should be told.

Gwil ap Tomos
(someone who lives outside the Met Police Area more commonly known as the real world)

Anonymous said...

whether we like it or not the world is moving on and further into hyperspace, as a result public services have to move with the times and the reality is people like to communicate via the internet using social networking, chatrooms, blogs, and video sites. this inititive is just a reflection of that. it's about providing access for the communities to their local officers, being able to tell them about problems that effect them that they may not ordinarily have spoken about to the police, using a medium they like using, how many of us like to go to public meetings, or walking into a police station to chat about our concerns, we just don't do it. and so what if an officer is sitting in the station chatting on the website, is that so different to them sitting in a public meeting, or dealing with a prisoner, or chatting to a victim of crime in their home, in all these situations they are doing their job, including the chat room. so why not embrace a force who is making that effort to move with the times and listen to thier public, just because it's not a pen and notebook they are using doesn't mean it less important.

Anonymous said...

i went to a lokal pact meeting to tell the police about all types of vehicles parking on double yellow lines and on the pavement out side our home , we did not have a problem with parking on the yellow lines its up to them if they got caught by the police or traffic warden , the problem we had was when it was raining our front room floor are four inches below the pavement leval and when the vehicles parked in the curb the water flowed onto the pavement and into our walls making them verry wet and the plaster render started flaking offand the carpet allso was getting wet .
the police told me to get the lokal council to do they're job and put ballards on the pavement and to put extra drainage in plase to take away the water of the road , i got on to the council and told them what the police had told me and fair play to the council they did they're job , but the vehicles are still parking on the double yellow lines and some of them are sqeezing in between the ballards on the pavement , i have been on to the police again about it but still they or the traffic warden will do nothing about it and this has been going on for thirty + years , what use are the police or traffic wardens in the rhondda valleys south wales ? ,
colin , ystrad rhondda .