Thursday, October 18, 2007

Malloch-Brown gets Prescott's grace and favour pad

I wonder how most of the full Cabinet members must feel about this one. It appears that of all the grace and favour residence available to Government ministers, only Lord Malloch-Brown, a mere minister attending Cabinet, has been given any of the spoils.

It appears that he is now staying in one of the flats in Admiralty House, and the rest of the Politburo (aside from Brown and Darling) have all been cold shouldered. Poor souls, all that hard work and brown-nosing (sorry) and the elevated newbie gets the crash pad.

Wonder what he's got on Brown?


Anonymous said...

I think this is the oldest story of the year. Hats off.

dizzy said...

Who said it was new?

Anonymous said...

Does dashing David Blunkett still have his grace and favour ministerial residence? Does he still have his government car?

If not, I assume that is because he doesn't have anything on Brown.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should link to the source, as you suggest the BBC do in your most recent post.

dizzy said...

I didn't suggest the BBC should. Nice try at a straw man.

The source of this story was Gordon Brown though.