Wednesday, October 17, 2007

An Irishman gazzumped me and asked for my help to do it!

Well done to the exceedingly tall Irishman Shane Greer for spotting the website behind the domain. Amusingly Shane asked me yesterday about how one would go about doing this but did it with another domain and then I rushed off to a meeting. So I like to think that my words of wisdom along the lines of "you'll have to guess" made a little difference!

Seriously though, fair play to Shane, and there is a big implication for the Lib Dems here. After all whlst the pages have been removed now (what's the point?) the fact that the former Lib Dem MP for Sheffield Hallam should be registering and building a website for his predecessor Nick Clegg over a month ago suggests that, as I said back then, it as Sheffield Hallam wot done it!

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Anonymous said...

Looking at Shane's site, the content of this website appears to say, "We want Nick to stand" That immediately rules it out as being part of Clegg's own campaign, if he even has one.

So Richard Allen's especially keen to make sure Clegg does actually throw his name into the ring.. what's the big deal?