Friday, October 19, 2007

Did someone target the Dome this morning?

Some very strange happenings this morning at the Dome, now the O2. All traffice was stopped half a mile from the site (where the Tube station is), everyone had to get off the bus and were told that we would not be allowed in. There were more Police than I have seen in Greenwich in one place for, well, forever.

Wehn I asked what was going on the response was tight-lipped, they wouldn't even confirm if it was just another annoying security alert. Then an ambulance flew past towards the place with sirens blazing and I was told that this was "protocol" - which it may very well be of course.

After about ten minutes we were allowed to walk the half mile to the station, and when I got there the place was crawling with Police. Some were taking statements off people. When I asked again what was happening I was told that they couldn't say but that it was "all over now".

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the Dome would become a target if it was a security alert. But I'm still bemused about the ambulance and the fact that people were giving statements to the Police well after the place was re-opened.. all very curious.


ChrisC said...

Probably nothing.
The police nowadays love nothing more than causing disruption.
Minor shunt = close the road for hours.

JuliaM said...

Probably a bloody propane gas cylinder getting a bit warm again... ;)

Anonymous said...

Why would any islamic nutjob want to do us a favour by obliterating the Dome?

Anonymous said...

An Al Qaeda charm offensive seems unlikely. Someone's clearly reported a homophobic dog.

Shug Niggurath said...

Conspiracy theory: If they keep things like this happening we'll soon be demanding ID cards so that we can get to work instead of queuing up for statements...

Tapestry said...

Reporting of terror moves is often patchy. Big bomb went off outside my condo in shopping centre in Makati, Philippines this week. News reported 8 dead. People who were nearby believe that to be a significant underestimate.

I guess it hands terrorists the victory they want if the numbers killed is high and gets flashed around the world.

Or if their attempted attacks get reported every time.

The attempted assassination of Bhutto happened the same day as the Makati bomb, so it got fairly well overlooked.

It seems like the woldwide terrror network was trying hard last week.