Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Some soldiers' tax bills are worth more than others?

As revealed by Iain last night, the MoD has today announced that it considers some soldiers work more worthy of Council tax rebates than others. Defence Secretary Des Browne said,
"I am delighted to announce a further enhancement to the operational welfare package. Armed Forces personnel who pay Council tax and who deploy to Iraq and Afghanistan will be entitled to a tax free payment of 140. This payment is designed to offset around 25 per cent of their Council Tax payments whilst they are on operations. It underlines the Government's commitment to support our Armed Forces and their families.
How exactly giving only some actively deployed soldiers a rebate on their Council tax but others not shows the "Government's commitment to support our Armed Forces and their families" is beyond me.


anthonynorth said...

I was in the Forces from 1975 to 84, married from 1977. My married quarters had a single charge, taken out at source, and this included Rates, as local tax then was. No Serviceman paid a separate amount on married quarters.
If you rented a married quarter and went on duty to another camp, you got food and accommodation free. If you had duty off-base, you had a special payment per night.
THAT was looking after the troops. Our 'esteemed leader' wouldn't understand that, of course.

Anonymous said...

Since he is only a part time Defence Secretary, it could well be that he is as yet unaware that there are UK forces also stationed elsewhere.