Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Opinion Leader Research reported for bias over nuclear consultation

Channel 4 News has just run a report about, if you excuse the pun, fall-out, from the Government's nuclear consultation. Deborah Mattinson's OLR (and also Brown's preferred pollster) has been reported to the Market Research Standards Board for hosting a bias consultation. OLR have refuted that this was the case.

Some may remember the post I did the other week that suggested the questions were loaded in a manner to achieve the Government's already desired outcome, or what it called, the "preliminary view", not forgetting of course the family links between Gordon Brown, Ed Balls, Yvette Cooper and the nuclear industry.

One can but hope that the complaint to the Standard Board comes to something, but it probably won't.


Anonymous said...

OLR have not yet 'refuted', they have 'denied', one is not the same as the other.

Wonder how much of a push-poll the ICM/Guardian poll was?

dizzy said...

Obviously when I said refuted I was referring to their words

Barnacle Bill said...

Are we surprised at the way ZaNuLabor have manipulated this?
Having already been caught out in their interpretation of consulting all parties in this matter.
I would hate to see the question posed if Gay Gordon does allow a referendum on the EU treaty.
It will probably be so confusing, that to vote No, one will be immediatedly exile to North Korea.
Whilst your children will be sold to work down a Chinese coal mine.
I would be more amazed if for once someone actually upheld a complaint against ZaNuLabor chicanery!

Anonymous said...

Most of these questions are loaded and many of the owner's of polling company's have party political links.

Just look at YouGov's Conservative background.

Chris Paul said...

As a Nein Danke loon myself I hope they catch them I mean us I mean them bang to rights. According to the C4 News Report this was not subtle. During the case for nukes the musical sound track was calm and even uplifting, During the case against it was symphonic doom and gloom recapitulated.

Anonymous said...

This is the second time. The Observer reported they'd been reported before, a few months back. The MRS is self regulatory basically so they were let off after about a week of 'investigation'