Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Hand of Shrum

BIt late off the mark with this one, I see Guido and Ben Brogan have already linked to it, I've been playing with my new phone all evening though you see. If you get a chance though you should really read this posting by Danny Finkelstein.

He has spotted some remarkable similarities between Gordon Brown's speech and many others that have been penned by the American Democrat favourite, Bob Shrum. Basically Brown's speech was textbook Shrum from start to finish, and echoes so many previous speeches penned by the man himself.


Ted Foan said...

As Danny Finkelstein said "how could he have missed it?"

I thought it was obvious throughout Brown's election announcement speech. There were even bits where the script said "smile" and Gordon made a valiant attempt but it still came out as a grimace.

The whole thing was so "motherhood and apple pie" that it had to be written by an American. The only problem is Brown's turgid delivery.

Chris Paul said...

My friend Jacques Derrida says "there are only so many sayables". Nine words across four speeches doesn't make much of a case! Mentioning religion when brought up in the manse? How very strange that is.

dizzy said...

Shame that postmodern deconstruction is complete bollocks though.

Ted Foan said...

I liked the anonymous comment on Chris's blog that said "you're a crap blogger - disappear up your own arse". (It wasn't me, I promise, but it could have been!)

Prodicus said...

How can anyone write "My friend Jacques Derrida" and hope to be taken seriously in the blogosphere - or anywhere, really?