Friday, August 31, 2007

Vote Labour or buy a kitchen. Whatever does one do?

I have no doubt that if you buy a kitchen from Paul Francis in Bedfordshire it will be marvellous. They look great even if the web design leaves a little to be desired. What I've found myself wondering though is how many Labour Party supporters or members have bought a kitchen from him.

Why would I think that you may be thinking. Well, thanks to my own fat fingered typings I've just discovered that the sneaky devil, or at least the person that registered his main site, also owns, and is redirecting to his site. I wonder how many hits he gets from it?


Mountjoy said...

Yeah, but have you seen the porn site you get redirected to when you type in

Check it out man!

I'm kidding, by the way :-)

dizzy said...

I was trying to keep that site quiet! ;)

Chris Paul said...

Mispelling most high traffic sites finds such ingenious redirections, holding pages, inferior directories and so on.

I just tried and found something very horrid indeed.