Sunday, August 26, 2007

Vince Cable goes after Gordon's friends?

I may be completely wrong on this, but it looks like the Lib Dems, and specifically Vince Cable, are going to keep pushing the questions about non-domicile tax status, presumably with the intent of hoping to dig up information that will help them embarrass Gordon and his friends.

We already know that Lord Paul - who last week basically offered a blank cheque to Brown to fund an election - along with Ronald Cohen are claiming non-domicile status and exploting a loophole that Brown, as Chancellor, allegedly disliked.

Looking at the Question Book for October, Cable has six questioned tabled for Alistair Darling all of which could very well see some interesting information released about how the Treasury does, or does not, deal with non-domiciles that are blatantly exploiting the system


Newmania said...

Perhaps its a symbolic attack as well. B- ruins polices of high tax , high regulation but cooperation with the needs of big business , like immigration ,( and regulation) are shown in better relief by making it personal.
Also it will higlight the absurdity of the suggestion that Mac B ran the lection camapign and didn`t know where the money came from....more sleeze

Do you notice how Brown has a Party whithin a Party spinning for him personally ...

Brown was privately said to have shouted "I lied I lied"...I took that straight until I read "Brown is privately furious about the soft deal the Doctors got "

What next brown is privately furious that Blair ticked him into defending an indefensible treaty without a referendum.

Brown has no "private"

The Lib Dems are suffering badly from this New Brown myth and its not a bad idea

Mountjoy said...

Well, should be fun when we hear what Darling has to say!

Mulligan said...

Nothing the terminally boring Darling drones on about could ever accurately be described as fun.