Saturday, August 25, 2007

Quick Saturday Observation

The UK's own Janis Joplin in waiting?

N.B. Personally I think her first album is infinitely better than Rehab.


Anonymous said...

I see your point. Both self-destructive and vastly overrated musically.

Nich Starling said...

There were some astonishing picture of her yesterday in The Sun showing her bleeding feet in canvass shoes where she injects between her toes.

Personally I cannot stand her music.Its down beat over orchestrated and very much part of the same branch of music that Coldplay fall in to (30 somethings who want to buy CD's or Dowloads, but don't really know what to listen too so they go for something safe and popular).

I don't know why it is a shock she is on drugs. Nobody free from drugs would have made their eyes up like that and think it looks good.

Anonymous said...

The first album is always the best

Chris Paul said...

If listening to her first album is officially better than rehab should I now ditch my shares in the Priory?

Shaun Ryder is still going and (just) beat the coffin into Wilson's funeral, so there's hope for Amy.

Newmania said...

I don`t believe she is fit to be mentioned in the same breath as Miss Joplin and I am sick of boring stiffs pretending to be fragile auteurs on the edge.
She is to JJ what Robbie Williams is to Jim Morrison.

Ya boo sucks

Oh superb work on Livingstone variously which I have just read elsewhere. Isn`t this likely to be the THE subject in London ? A man with your devious mind and ferreting talents could make a difference ( set the agenda....:)

dizzy said...

Nich, I think you're talking bollocks to compare her to Coldplay. She does bar jazz mostly.

Mania, she can be mentioned int eh same breath as Joplin. i.e. respected musician (although not universally liked (who is?)) that is fucking her life up on smack and will probably od very soon.

Newmania said...

respected musician

Karaoke pastiche straight onto the free CD you get with an Astra. …you are wrong , its not a democratic thing , you just are ..:)