Sunday, August 19, 2007

Milivlog plus Cabinet vlogs coming soon?

Back on Wednesday Guido brought us news that the Miliblog would live on but be run by baby brother Ed at the Cabinet Office (first screenshot). As if the prospect of banal postings about the Cabinet Office were not bad enough, is young Ed about to follow his buddy Ed (Balls) and give us Milivids to go with the Miliblog?

02 July - "Admin" says "hey boss, I set you up a blog!"
03 July - "Admin" says "Ooooh we should have videos too boss... they'll be really interesting!"

Then perhaps they had another idea and said "Hey boss, let's register one for everyone in the Cabinet with the same naming scheme!... we could have one for Hazel, Harriet, Ruth, John D, John H, Alistair, Jacqui, David, we did Jack yesterday, you should see the comments! Only problem is that someone already registered Gordon months ago.. *sigh*"

20th July - "Boss! We forgot Tessa. Easy mistake to make I guess huh?"


James Higham said...

I heard a rumour that there's a new proclamation to be promulgated that no polly of any form may burst into print or video on pain of hanging, drawing and quartering.

Anonymous said...

hanging, drawing, & quartering...

Polly says: Pieces of eight?

Word ver: fxu wj - who he?