Sunday, August 26, 2007

Is Castro Dead?

There seem to be quite a lot of rumours going round on the Internet that Castro has finally shuffled off. Not a bad thing if true, one less dictator in the world after all. The dictator of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, has publicly denied the rumours. What is it they say about never beleiving anything until it's been officialy denied?

In fairness I probably shouldn't call Chavez a dictator, after all, John Pilger reckons the guy is a bastion of democracy and freedom, and he would know right? America is the true enemy of freedom and democracy after all, and Chavez is merely being pilloried by the evil yanks in a smear campaign.

OK, putting my sarcasm aside, why is it that Castro and Chavez are heroes to so many Lefties? I know of at least one Labour person who regularly telsl me how great Castro is because Cuba has good health care. Apparently the locking up of political opponents and oppression of dissent are just lies - or maybe just something that he can turn a blind eye too because they have great A&E services?

If Castro is dead it probably won't make a difference. His brother will just take over, hold a rigged ballot, and then become the next hero against the evil American Empire


Croydonian said...

I hope so, and if so, I will raise my usual toast, 'stoke well the fires of Hell'.

Johnny Norfolk said...

If true I hope it brings Cubans some freedom.

Chris Paul said...

Is Thatcher dead too? (Again Alex in your case)

Cubans are going to be so pleased to get an influx of mcmeals, school gun fights, obesity and mccoffee. Oh and pasteurised Latin rhythms.

PS Obviously the American Empire is Evil. After all they have 11,000 gun deaths a year compared to our 100. Libertarian yet so controlling. A hard trick to pull off. Which may be why the cracks are showing.

dizzy said...

Cheers for playing moral equivalence between a free country and a communist dictatorship Chris. Makes the point for me really.

Anonymous said...

But at least we've stopped people fox hunting. That is a really great achievement, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

"But at least we've stopped people fox hunting."

It would be more accurate to say 'at least we've made a gesture of making fox hunting illegal, by forcing people to jump through technical hoops to continue, but foxes are still being killed as they were before'.

That's Labour for you (on everything) - grandstanding, but ultimately ineffectual.

The Amazing Toad said...

"I know of at least one Labour person who regularly tells me how great Castro is because Cuba has good health care"

Then you'd know at least one Labour person who believes one of socialism's most enduring myths. Go here;