Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Is Alan Johnson stuck in timewarp?

When I went on holiday, the first pre-written post that was submitted was about Alan Johnson's deputy leadership campaign website and the fact it was still up and had yet to concede that he had actually lost.

Posts will be light during today as I am working tonight instead so am getting a bit of shut-eye in a few moments, but I just wanted to mention that it's still there with bugger all acknowledgment that the contest is over like all his opponents have done.

I guess though that this shouldn't really be a surprise. After all, last week the Evening Standard diary column pointed out that according to Alan Johnson's biography on his official website he "is now the Secretary of State for Education and Skills."

Clearly not heeding his own party's call from the last election of looking "forward, not back" huh?


Mountjoy said...

Alan Johnson's researcher must have forgotten the password to log into the website :-)

Unknown said...


did you manage the catch the BBC news this morning on BBC1? Apparently the blame for the tragic fires in Greece lies with greedy capitalist expansionist Brits who want to buy/invest in a new homes in Greece. They even got Simon ?? travel expert who said that he is frequently emailed by people wanting to invest in apartments in Bulgaria !!!! - ergo we are to blame for the fires.

Classic BBC.

James Higham said...

He may be ultra-busy like you and not have had time to deal with it. I notice you still carry Tin Drummer in your blogroll and think that's wonderful. It might induce TD to make a return.