Thursday, August 23, 2007

Alan Johnson MP and where???

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I have a habit of making typos (a lot). So I understand how annoying it can be, especially if your typo makes the word you mean to say something else. It's potentially quite embarrassing you know!

Clearly someone in the House of Commons has a similar problem to me, and, when typing out the entry for Alan Johnson MP on the Register of Members' Interest they made a slip entering the village of Fingringhoe in Essex with *cough* unfortunate consequences.

Either that or the typist thought they'd have a giggle at Alan Johnson's expense?

Update: Worth noting of course that even when you do spell the place name correctly it still makes me snigger like a school boy. I take pride in my puerility you see.


. said...

No joke, that is an actual place in Essex.

dizzy said...

The place in Essex is called Fingringhoe not FingEringhoe.

No e, although it is often misspelt

dizzy said...

I believe this is the correct spelling.

Croydonian said...

God's own county, doncha know.

I'm an exile...