Friday, July 13, 2007

You'll recognise "Conguitos"

Following on from the Tintin thing earlier. Tim Worstall has an interesting piece about Spanish sweets called Conguitos, which, according to their slogan you will recognise easily because "ONLY CONGUITOS HAVE THE CONGUITO FACE"*.

Wonder when the EU will receive calls from campaigners and the Commission for Racial Equality about banning them? The real question of course is do they taste nice?

* From what I can find online, "conguito" is possibly a place in Africa in the Congo region. Could be wrong though.


Anonymous said...

Hey kiddies - Here's a wonderful comic strip:
Tin Tin is Protestant or Catholic - them Belgians are confusing.

Anonymous said...

Conguito is not a place in Africa, conguito means "little Congo person"

Anonymous said...

yeah we found these on a trip to spain. they're actually quiet good. we never had the chocolate ones. we had to keep the wrapper cause we knew our friends in the states would never believe that packaging.

Anonymous said...

oh and there's this

Rosa said...

'Conguito' is actually spanish (antiquated) slang for a black person, similar to the english 'piccanniny'

I am surprised they haven't been forced to rebrand yet.