Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Would you nick the towels?

You know how it when you stay at a hotel and you might take the shower gel and soap with you. Or if you're feeling really cheeky you might take the towels or bath robes? Putting aside the moral question about theft, whether you do it not it remains a common cliche that it happens.

Imagine therefore what you might decide to take as a memento in a place you'd been living in for say, oh I don't know, ten years? Maybe even longer. You'd want a little something wouldn't you? A keepsake of your time there. Not something big of course, you wouldn't want to draw attention to yourself after all.

I mention this simply because I am, right now, asking myself, what might Gordon Prentice MP know? Or perhaps he's just stirring. You see yesterday he asked Ed Miliband
"whether any (a) works of art and (b) (i) valuable furniture, (ii) porcelain and (iii) other items have been reported missing from (A) 10 Downing street, (B) 11 Downing street and (C) Admiralty House since 1977."
The answer was, as expected, that it would cost too much too answer, which, in fairness for once is probably because of the fact he was asking for information over the past thirty years.

I do wonder if the question may reappear in a slightly rewritten manner. That won't of course change the fact I now have images in my head of Thatcher, Major and Blair comparing tea cups that may, or may not have been half-inched.


Chris Paul said...

He's on a dare?

Anonymous said...

Past thirty years?

dizzy said...


Anonymous said...

You had better not feel inclined to steal the hotel's property in the way of towels or bathrobes!

I was once at the checkout of a luxury hotel in an Asian country and an expat next to me was checking out. He checked his bill and pointed. "What's this £49 for?" he inquired crossly.

The Front Desk Manager came over and replied, "That's for the bathrobe in your suitcase, sir."

Collapse of stout party.

When the bellboy delivers your cases downstairs, he informs the front desk what room you are from. They call the maid on that floor and she goes in to check. If you took, you pay.

Anonymous said...

Verity, Many big hotels, particularly in Asia, are even more diplomatic and invite you to take the towels/ bathrobes, saying that they will be automatically added to your bill.

Ross said...

A good use for RFID chips?