Thursday, July 26, 2007

Working for Johnson and Darling sounds stressful

It would appear that the Department of Trade and Industry - now called the Department of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform - has become an increasingly stressful place to work over the past few years.

Apparently, in 2004-05, of the people off work with illness, 5.6% were off due to stress-related problems. However, the following year, under the leadership of Alan Johnson the renamed for a week Department for Productivity, Energy and Industry saw the figure double to 11.5%.

Johnson wasn't there for long though, and in 2006 Alastair Darling took over from him. A new regime, less stress? No. Under Darling's leadership the figure almost doubled again to 19.8%. I bet they were pleased when he sodded off to the Treasury.

The real question is whether John Hutton can de-stress the place?


Anonymous said...

Now that they can be called DoBERRmen perhaps they will be dishing the stress out instead.

Old BE said...

Is stress the new upset stomach?

Can you get stressed on a Friday and still manage to come in the following Monday or are you out for a few weeks at a time.

Sounds more like "give people an inch..."

That's not to say I think all employment law is nonsense by the way.

Anonymous said...

Not if his constituents are anything to go by. Me being one of them.