Saturday, July 28, 2007

Win yourself £100 worth of political DVDs

Should anyone want to be win themselves £100 worth pf political DVDs, there is a little interactive thing going on over at Iain Dale's blog. The "2007 Guide to Political Blogging in the UK" will be published this September and, unlike last year, it will not just be Iain's decision that will decide the outcome.

He's requesting people send their top 20 political blogs to him, where number 1 get 20 points and number 20 gets 1 point. These will be used to work out the ranking and popularity of the blogs in the Top 100 and each submission will be go into the hat for the £100 worth of political DVD prizes. The closing date for submissions is August 15th.

Email Iain with your Top 20 by clicking here remembering to remove the NOSPAM bit from the address.

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