Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Open mics are great huh?

I may be totally behind on this one as I've been away, but I've just watched the following video and you have to chuckle given how much people laughed at Bush and Blair after their microphone gaffe. It appears Clinton and Edwards are plotting.

Sorry if you've already seen this elsewhere.


Chris Paul said...

Wow! Front runners want to see muppets axed? Wow 2! Barack used a notepad?

dizzy said...

WOw! Chris Paul doesn't get it again.

guido faux said...

"They are just being trivialized"

Yes Hillary, by *you*.

Can't wait till they all get iPhones.

Anonymous said...

The interesting bit was Clintons line about their guys talking...wonder if we'll see Edwards become her running mate should she win the nomination?