Friday, July 13, 2007

Is the Tory Internet about to turn on itself?

This morning, Fraser Nelson over at the Speccie blog wrote about a new Cameroonie blog that is on its way called Platform 10 which will be run by Fiona Melville, a former member of Cameron's leadership campaign team. I actually heard about this site in passing on Monday night and decided not to run with the story at the time (not sure why but I think it was because I was drunk when I got home).

The word is the site is to be an antidote to ConservativeHome which some have said is far to critical of the leadership and is causing them headaches. A commenter on Conservative Home posting under the name 'CCHQ Spy' said this morning,
We should be under no illusions here. The main aim of this initiative is to destroy conservativehome. CCHQ hates the fact it cannot control what goes on here. Hilton will give all stories to this new site in a bid to make it competitive. It will be a fascinating battle.
There is an interesting point here regarding stories. It's entirely possible that Conservative Home could find itself cold shouldered with preference given to the new, less critcial site. The battle could go either way. If Conservative Home does finds itself in that position it will maintain its independence whilst many will just call the new site a funnel for the leadership's propaganda. Frankly, I can hear the word "split" echoing around the TV studios of talking heads already.

There is indeed it seems a battlefield forming. The problem is it looks to be a battlefield where the same side is preparing to look in on each other. It could get messy, and the overspill may not be enjoyable. Still, it's only a General Election we're trying to win right?

Update: Just to make clear, I don't have a problem with another site appearing. What's one more amongst bloody hundreds? I just wonder whether a site which will apparently be quite well connected in "insider" terms, might have a reverse impact in that it could create perceptions of rows that might not actually exist. Interesting times ahead indeed.

Update 2: Iain has now posted about this saying that I think the sole purpose of the site is to destroy Conservative Home. I don't think that, that is what a commenter on Conservative Home said. I do however think that, as with all these lovely Internet things, there is a serious potential for unnecessary flame wars.


Tim J said...

Hmm. It could just be that Cameron doesn't want to be portrayed as the extreme left of the party - and the new website could act as a Cameronite 'outrider' in the way that Civitas did for the early Blair years. ConHome can be quite...unreconstructed at times.

dizzy said...

Civitas? Sure you don't mean Demos?

Anonymous said...

"..decided not to run with the story at the time (not sure why but I think it was because I was drunk when I got home)."

That's no bar to posting on the Internet! ;)

dizzy said...

oh it is. Believe me. There is nothing worse than waking up and discovering you've started a flame war but can't remeber doing it.

Anonymous said...

Machiavelli's Understudy said...

Ya pussy.

Far better to wake up to find you've libeled (sp?) someone!

I'll race you to the bottom of the bottle next time you're doing drunken blogs...