Monday, July 30, 2007

Handbags at dawn

At the begining of the month, Amanda Platell, in her Daily mail column said of the Tory community cohesion spokeswoman, Sayeeda Warsi that she was "ambitious to become a celebrity" whilst also pointing out that she "welcomes the election of Hamas, whose idea of democracy is to drag its political opponents into the street and shoot them in the head."

In this morning's Indy, repsonding to a question about Platell's attack on her, Warsi said,
"I am not sure Amanda has been in the best place to comment on Conservative politics for the last six years. She was a failure when she worked for the Conservative Party. Rather than getting on with her job, it turned out that she was doing a video diary."
Surely now is as good a time as any for an official policy on mud wrestling? If not mud then at least some sort of structured ring based fighting?


flashgordonnz said...

Jelly, man! Jelly!

Anonymous said...

Seems that Sayeeda Warsi is in a non-job which she got because she'a an ethnic. Another reason not to have anything to do with the Tories. I hate tokenism.

Amanda Platell can be quite an entertaining writer. Why do I feel that Sayeeda Warsi doesn't excel in the sense of humour department?

Anonymous said...

or the getting selected department either

Anonymous said...

What is Warsi doing in a mainstream political party openly supporting Hamas?

Kick her out, terrorist supporters should not be part of any democracy.

No wonder the Tory party is not getting anywhere...!