Monday, July 16, 2007

Alan Johnson lost in Okinawa?

The more perceptive amongst you may notice when you get to the end of this post that it hasn't been posted by me but has in fact been posted by Croydonian who I thank massively for agreeing to do so (he's a very cool diamond geezer!). The reason he's posting my words is because right now I am on a Greek island relaxing with a copy of Alastair Campbell's Diaries. Unlike some I won't be refusing to read them. The only annoying thing is that I've probably read all the best bit already thanks to the bloody papers, but I digress.

What do I have to say from the warmth of Greece? Well it's simple really, did no one tell Alan Johnson that he had lost the Deputy Leadership election? A strange question I know, but if you take a look at all those lovely campaign websites what you find is that all the losers bar one have realised the election campaign is over. Hazel Blears has redirected her .com site to her normal one. Hilary Benn has a thank you note up, as too does Jon Cruddas. Peter Hain looks like he's pretending it never happened (he made a mint though!), and obviously the winner is crowing still.

Alan Johnson on the other hand still says he is on the campaign trail. He's been visiting a primary school for the past month it seems, and doesn't seem to be aware that it's all finished. So, does he know? Is he planning a coup against Harman? Or will he suddenly walk out a primary school one day like a Japanese soldier and not realise the war is over?

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Christopher Glamorgan said...

I've never heard of anything more foul in all my life - a blogger taking a holiday! Whoever next... a politician?

flashgordonnz said...

A politician would never take a holiday: they would have to pay for the trip themselves. Yessir, it's a fact-finding mission.