Friday, June 22, 2007

Top Gear crash: HSE says BBC failed to write a document properly

Apparently those nice people at the Health and Safety Executive have decided that the BBC had "failures" in its risk assessment before Richard "The Hamster" Hammond got into the Vampire and proceeded to stack it at 288mph.

The annoying thing here is that if you read the report they explain why the crash occurred, that there was pretty much sod all that could've been done to stop it, and yet still, someone gets it in the neck about not carrying out a piece of bloody paperwork.

Richard Hammond, I imagine, would've driven the thing anyway irrespective of what a risk assessment said (see the video below). Personal responsibility is the key here. Saying that the BBC failed is little more than finding someone to lay some sort of blame on, and crucially, had they performed the risk assessment 'properly' it wouldn't have changed a thing.

The tyre would still have been damages on the earlier run, and would still have had a blow out on the final one. It's called an accident in a complex and random world of unknown events.


JuliaM said...

"Saying that the BBC failed is little more than finding someone to lay some sort of blame on..."

And there you have the mission statement for the HSE...

Anonymous said...

And it gives us the Stig !!! ben Collins

Anonymous said...

All this health & safety crap is driving me mad. Why aren't people allowed to take a risk anymore?

And don't get me started on the ban on advertising eggs! Of course, if we see an ad involving someone eating an egg then we'll all go out and never eat anything else ever again.

Why don't these tax-consuming time-wasters bugger off and let me get on with my life as an adult. I am not a baby. I don't need a mummy to look after me.