Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Obligatory Quentin Davies post

This is an obligatory post about the Quentin Davies defection. In simple terms it's weird. Quentin Davies, when you look at what he's said in the past about Gordon Brown simply does not match up with what he has said today in his letter. A letter, which, incidentally, parrots so many official Labour lines it's bloody obvious it was written for him (although I would expect nothing less).

Interestingly his letter bangs on about Cameron's PR and about how the party is vacuous of values or policy, and then proceeds to explain how he's leaving for policy reasons. He can't have it both ways. His record in Parliament is also quite socially conservative and not in line with the mainstream of the Labour Party which makes me instantly wonder what job he has actually been offered by Brown.

Basically the defection is weird, and its clearly silly season come early. What next, Frank Field defecting to the Lib Dems?

More comparison of "then and now" on Iain's blog


Old BE said...

Talking about Frank Field, surely he could be tempted into IDS' welfare commission?

Chris Paul said...

Offered a job? You kidding? Perhaps a safe seat somewhere closer to his city interests.

The resignation letter is priceless. Woolas had a hand in it no doubt. But I cannot agree that he's having it both ways.

We know Tories are in trouble re EP group and Europe in general. And the story re knee jerk policy on planes is not only reminiscent of Blair but also highly believable in its own right.

Cameron clearly has no new clothes. A "Belgian tailor" name of Steve Hilton has stitched him up.

dizzy said...

"But I cannot agree that he's having it both ways."

Well there's a surprise, you're in the Labour Party. I shall explain it slowly to you Chris so you can understand the difference between you're ad lepidium rebuttal and logical argument.

In his letter Davie says Cameron is all PR, doesn't believe in anything, and has no policy. He then goes to explain that he is leaving for policy reasons. It's called contradicting yourself Chris. It's not difficult to understand, and disagreeing with it just makes you look like a unobjective tit

Sir-C4' said...

Quentin who?