Friday, June 22, 2007

Lord Stepens turns Brown down

It's being reported on Channel 4 News this evening that Lord Stephens has been approached by Brown for a job like Ashdown was, and, like Ashdown, turned Brown down. This is starting to sound like spin gone bad. Brown is cearly trying to shed any perception that he's a Stalinist centralising politician.

The fact he's offering jobs out to so many people, and, being turned down, makes me wonder whether he is choosing people he knows will say no. He can then at least claim that he tried right?


Chris Paul said...

I wouldn't say it will be the same thinking in each case. He's screwed the Lib Dems and I'm still thinking Ming might cross the floor (or be kept on too long as leader to prevent that).

Stephens certainly rather different. Will they ever have to give him another enquiry now? Is he Blair's mate really?

Anonymous said...

I love that everyone thinks Brown is bein really devious. Has it crossed your mind that he may just be a complete idiot makin a hash of thin6s?

hatfield girl said...

'He can then at least claim that he tried right?'

Others can on his behalf, as they try to obscure how far along he is from neuro-typical.

He knows he can do do it all himself - omnipotent, immanent.