Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Breaking News: Government answer yes or no question!

Worthy of framing?
Mr. Carswell: To ask the Solicitor-General if he will request the Director of the Serious Fraud Office to reopen the investigation into the allegations of bribery in relation to the Al Yamamah contract.

The Solicitor-General: No.
I guess that's that then. We'll just leave it to the yanks to investigate instead.


Anonymous said...

And the Yanks will.

And that treaty signed off by TB (NatWest 3 anyone?) could actually see him in US nick for perverting the course of justice.

Remember any BAE execs nicked can (and will, no doubt) turn States Evidence over there. Oh, and political careers can be made by prosecutors.

Blair, Goldsmith, Hoon and even,oh be still my fluttering, Broon. Thatcher probably excused on grounds of ill-health, Major not inconsiderably involved, oh yes. Portillo! No more of his claptrap in the ST. That lickspittle at the SFO. The whole rotten gang - all of them! Every PM, Chancellor, Attorney General, Lord Chancellor, SFO appartchik, Defence Secretary, Foreign Secretary the whole damn lot! Of every stripe! Ha ha ha ha....

Sorry, just dreaming out loud.

john b said...

Well, that'd be one way to get the insane US extradition treaty repealed...

John B