Saturday, May 19, 2007

What a boring Cup Final

Don't know what more too say. Both sides canceled each other out. Totally boring, not a patch on last year.


Jonathan Sheppard said...

Yes but if you are a Chelsea fan like me what would you rather have - an entertaining match and lose like West Ham did - or the silverware in the cabinet.

I once went to the Baseball ground to see Chelsea beat Derby 6-4 in the league. Entertaining - but derby fans would have opted for a 1-0 result.

Any chance Everton will get some silverware next year??

dizzy said...

We are far to cool for silverware. It's only right as well that a club like our, what with being a founder member of the Football League and the team that's played more top flight seasons than anyone else should let other have a go.

Paul Linford said...

Very average performance from Man U. Winning the double used to be a great achievement. Rooney aside, they played like they couldn't give a monkey's whether they won it or not.

Jonathan Sheppard said...

Ha ha - touche!!

Dont know where all these Chelsea fans have sprung up from though. Living in the North and supporting them as a kid wasnt much fun. Didnt remember many Chelsea shirts then!

Alan Douglas said...

AS a West Ham fan I would say - YES - I'd rather be remembered for last year's final than this one. We lost on penalties, but what a contribution we made to a great day of football, which will be remembered if not forever, then way longer than yesterday's insipid pap.

Great goal though, Drogba can be proud, but even more, Lampard made it with that superb dinked pass on the volley.

Wasn't Lampard a product of West Ham at some point in the distant past ....

Alan Douglas