Thursday, May 24, 2007

The privatisation of instant justice?

There is no escaping the camera it seems. It might only be in Salford at the moment, but these traffic wardens who work for NCP are also going to be given the power to issue 'on the spot' fines for anti-social behaviour. Yes indeed, a member of staff in a private company (NCP) is going to be given 'extra-judicial' powers on the street. Good init?

Picture from Manchester Evening News


Alan Douglas said...

While I am totally against such privatisation, the fact that TRAFFIC wardens are to be given powers to deal with REAL matters of concern (ie real petty crime) does answer one of my criticisms of that system.

No longer "Not my area" when I point out the drug dealer living opposite, on the empty street where I have "illegally" parked my car.

I wonder how many of these toughies will survive being asked why they now really look like a dick-head ?


Alan Douglas

Anonymous said...

Is that a real photograph or a photoshop composite?

dizzy said...

It's real, in my haste this morning I forgot to link the source so thanks for reminding me. Manchester Evening News.

Anonymous said...

oh no - it's The Borg!

Anonymous said...

More stupidity from the Three Stooges known as the British "government". Give the police back the power to knock little toughies round the back of the head without their mothers having the right to scream for 'is yooman rights.

This government has wrecked our previously excellent structure of crime control and now, as with everything else, tries to fix it in a panic, with sticking plaster and safety pins.

The Daily Pundit said...

The camera in the picture is one of the old style cameras. The new cameras also fire jets of pepper spray into the vehicle owner's eyes.

Anonymous said...

how long before they arm these people ? pepper spray and asp anyone.

Anonymous said...

That warden looks like a jovial bloke. I don't suppose he liked a bit of football in his youth, as well as kicking in the heads of opposition supporters.

Shit, why don't we give these powers to mainline rail ticket sellers. I never find them to be officious, nasty, cunts. Pardon.