Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Blears admits she may be sleazy in office?

How odd, the little chipmunk Blears has said that if she becomes the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party (and as some of them hope, Deputy Prime Minister) she will be spending most of her time making sure Salford gets all the goodies.

Glad to see she sees the nation as important! The simple message it seems is "Don't vote for Hazel if you don't live in Salford". I imagine her Salford supporters will be running Lowry-esque to the stadiums to see her speak.

Mind you, it would be difficult for her to do less well for the area. The ASBO/Respect policies have been so successful there that last year they managed to have an order breached once a week.

In total there were 56 breachs in 2006, and, at an approximate cost of £2,500 a time, that works out to about £140,000 spent for...err.. nothing. It will all be so much better if she's deputy though!


Theo Spark said...

Is that the 56 they noticed?

Praguetory said...

The Labour constituency which received the greatest lottery funding is the Salford seat held by Hazel Blears, the party's chairman. It received £101,650,244, more than double the highest amount awarded to a Tory constituency.

So these statements are merely reiterating what she has done for years.

Anonymous said...

Don't be harsh. There are a lot of teeny weeny people in this world, and someone has to represent them.

Anonymous said...

Hey: I went to Salford! Well, I went and had a decko at the Lowry Centre. Father-in-Law is from the area. Could that be where the bulk of funding went?

Anonymous said...

She can help Salford by doing what she does best - fucking off to other parts of the country and never spending any time there (unless there's a camera present of course).