Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Being a sensible mum will get you more than respect

Yesterday, the Electoral Commission released details of party political donations for the first quarter of this year. Putting aside the three main parties, amusingly George Galloway's, Respect Unity Coalition, managed to gain even less in donations than the BNP (ironically they have more in common than they realise).

The anti-Western, pro-Islamist, homophobic, misogynist supporting Respect achieved a donation grand total of £4,636 compared to the BNPs' whopping £6,000. Both parties were beaten though by serious contender political parties like Mums Army who got £10,762, and Mum4Justice who managed £7,172.

None of the small parties came close to Captain Sensible's Blah Party though. The former Damned front man got a 'new rose' with donations totaling £35,350- which isn't bad considering the Blah Party has got over £200,000 in donations during the last year.

It gets funnier for the trotskyite women/gay haters in Respect though. Their £4,636 donation was deemed to be impermissible anyway because it came from a Dubai based company in the form of a US$ cheque. Gutted!


Anonymous said...

It can be clearly seen that 'Respect' is just a front for the Socialist Workers Party.

Galloway is my MP and I can add racist to the list.

I've tried to complain to the parliamentary ombudsman over Galloway’s refusal to represent me in a serious matter, but he would not take any action. I believe Galloway’s refusal was partially racially motivated. This establishes a precedent that it is acceptable for a MP’s to discriminate on racial grounds. I am sure that the likes of the BNP will be glad of that.

Anonymous said...

Looks from the entry that the SWP is bankrolling RESPECT as well as providing it with the footsoldiers for the tanned one.......