Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Vol au Vent League Table, 2006-07

UPDATED: A new entry at number 4! Communities and Local Government and other departments.

The Home Office leaps into 7th.

UPDATED: Some new entires it seems. The Scottish Office enters the Top Ten. Meanwhile the Treasury leaps in to fifth just edging another new entry, the DWP into sixth.

A new entry in third, DEFRA, the figure is the centrally held information relating to the "core-Department's expenditure".

Should anyone ever have wondered how much Government departments spend on hospitality here is a little league table of current spending for the 2006-07 season. Unfortunately it is not complete but hopefully I can update as more figures come to light.
  1. Trade & Industry, £1,420,000
  2. Foreign Office, £810,000
  3. DEFRA, £309,634
  4. Communties, £307,845
  5. International Development, £238,000
  6. HM Treasury, £197,000
  7. Work and Pension, £188,000
  8. Home Office, £94,044
  9. Culture, Media & Sport £64,990
  10. Constitutional Affairs, £43,804
  11. Scottish Office, £23,410.69
  12. Wales Office, £14,279.62
  13. Leader of the Commons, £5,823
  14. Ministry of Defence claimed they published at this dead link
  15. Duchy of Lancaster We'll know in July
Clearly the place to be for nibbles is the DTI, whilst the Harriet Harman is the tight one.


Anonymous said...

How about HMRC or is it all included on their P60s?

Chris Paul said...

They just get leeks. The taffs.

dizzy said...

surely that's the Home Office?

Chestcracker said...

What about the DOH? Bet they have spent abit to impress local and international private health care bods in trying to persuade them to dismantle the NHS.

Anonymous said...

Clearly the place to be for nibbles is the DTI,

Probably an "Honours Trade Fair" or a

"How You Can Contribute To Labour Victory"

"Rover Remnants Sale"

"DTI Seminar: Keeping Your Section 432 Report Unpublished - Fees Meeting"

James Higham said...

Being in Trade and Industry myself, the entertainment bill is reasonable. They're entertaining every day, unlike other departments and shoddy catering would not be on - after all, they're trying to attract investment.

Anonymous said...

DEFRA probably spent theirs on coke....

.... and other assorted fizzy drinks.

Anonymous said...

Not sure I believe these numbers...they look too low to me! I bet for instance that the foreign office figure is only for the london office. I don't believe that all those ambassadors' dinners around the world add up to under a million. The real bill will be far higher!

Anonymous said...

"Scottish Office"--that's what it was before devolution, and based in Edinburgh.
Now it's the "Scotland Office " and based in London (Dover House?). Presided over by Douglas Alexander (GB's acolyte) and David cairns (creepy ex-RC priest).

Presumably much of the nosh was consumed while they were burning the midnight oil cocking up the Scottish Elections....

Alex said...

DTI and FCO are probably fair enough, likewise DCMS which seems to be little more than the cost of running a kitchen and a few catering staff and coffee and biscuits, but why do DEFRA, Communities (whatever that is) need to spend so much. And I presume the DWP is feeding the unwaged in order to get through the best part of £1,000 every working day.

doctor baloney said...

is there any way you can work this out per head of staff, or by £ of budget? It doesn't seem fair to compare BIS with Communities?